Caxton College Secondary Leadership Project

Our community spirit continues to thrive as the Caxton College Secondary and Primary Physical Education departments have been working together. Four of the Year 11 pupils (Laura G, Alvaro D, Alfredo G and Jaime N) are being assessed as sports leaders in their favourite sports for their GCSE PE exam in May. They will be learning key leadership skills such as communication, positioning organisation and planning and will then be putting these new skills into practice teaching PE to Caxton Primary students. Students have to plan, teach and evaluate a series of lessons.  They are currently working with a Year 1 class who have the option to attend a dance, football  or basketball class.
It is a fantastic opportunity and experience for both the Year 1’s and of course the Year 11 students, who said, “Teaching the primary pupils has been a fantastic experience. It was much harder than what we expected but it has prepared us well for our GCSE moderation day. Teaching the secondary pupils now seems much easier. We are looking forward  to  teaching  them  again;  we  especially like how the pupils are always smiling and very happy all the time“.
As well as Year 11, Year 10 Core Physical Education students will also be undertaking a leadership unit of work over the next five weeks. They will be leading rhythm sessions with Year 2, ball skills sessions with Year 3 and Orienteering with Year 6 students.

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