The Caxton College Primary Department asks: What’s Your Goal?

In Primary we have had a very positive response from staff and pupils regarding the Going for Goals theme. We started the theme with an assembly to introduce the topic and share some ideas to help the children to think of their own personal goal. The next step was to decide on the action plan – what they are going to do in order to achieve their goal.

Some teachers and also the Primary Office staff are participating in the theme in order for the whole school to be involved. Research says that well designed programmes that promote social and emotional skills have shown to have a positive impact on pupil’s attitudes and behaviour (Weare and Gray, 2003; Zins et al., 2004). The only way it will be completely effective is if it is used across the school with everybody involved in thinking of a personal goal and sharing it with the children.

Some of the goals in Primary are to:
pass the Mock SATs (Year 6 REP)
help keep the classroom tidy (Year 1 pupil)
improve my mental maths skills (Year 4 pupil)
pass my Spanish exam in June (Mr Hugh)
read more often and finish my book (Miss Stenhouse)
improve my Spanish (Miss Sayce)

With displays in and around the school, sharing the various goals, we are all excited to see who will achieve their goal! Good luck.

If you’d like to think of a goal why not follow our Year 5 & 6 guide and share it on this Blog.

B Stenhouse & J Sayce


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