Rafa Martínez and Alicia Rojo talk about themselves as the new Head Boy and Head Girl at Caxton College

Why do you think you were good candidates?

Having studied 16 years at Caxton has given us an essential insight into the ideals and objectives the school pursues. We believe that we are really prepared to challenge aspects which haven’t evolved and changed, as we have been active observers of Caxton’s development. Furthermore, we have been friends for many years now, and we get on really well. Having the opportunity to work together is certainly a great chance to improve this sound relationship. We are hard-working and have many ideas to change the school. For us, it is a great honour to play this role, but we believe that the rest of the candidates were just as good. 


What would you like to improve about the school?
Caxton has grown impressively fast. We were actually really overwhelmed by the number of students in Secondary the other day at the whole school assembly. Therefore, it would be fantastic to create a greater sense of unity. We are all a great family, and we must work to achieve better communication amongst ourselves. Also, we think that the most important things are those which at first seem little. Having the opportunity to change the smaller defects of the school can make a big impact.

Why did you want to be Head Girl and Head Boy?
We both wanted to experience the school from another perspective, far away from the typical “student and nothing else” one. Also, Year 12s and 13s have always been the “older Caxtonians” for us, those who we looked up to and imitated. Now that we are here, we must show the rest of the students what the right way to act is, and being Head Boy and Girl enables us to carry out a leadership role.

What unique qualities could you bring to the role of Head Girl and Head Boy?
We have experienced, just as we said before, the day-to-day of the school throughout a long time span. This is a great advantage, as we have also had the chance to be in important leadership roles such as being Reps or House Captains and Vice-Captains. Having a broad perspective of what the school was, has been and is lets us predict what it will be in future.   

What is it like working closely with teachers and administration?
It is a great opportunity to acquire responsibilities and to learn how to work under pressure, having serious jobs. The fact that teachers now ask for our feedback means that we play an active role.  We must be disciplined and constant, which poses a further challenge, since combining our studies with this is a heavy workload. It is really gratifying to break with the typical “student-teacher” relationship and have the chance to be closer to the staff. 

What is the best part of being Head Girl and Head Boy?
Being able to make a change. Our motivations and our hard-work stem from this idea.

What leadership qualities do you possess that make you good heads? 

A Head Boy or Girl must be open and have a good relationship with everyone, avoiding problems by any means. We both consider we fulfil these ideas, and we are strongly determined to achieve what we intend. Our aim of self-improvement also makes us great candidates, and we hope that by the time we leave Caxton, we will be regarded as two of the best Heads the school has ever had. 

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