Year 6 class reps share their thoughts about their new roles at Caxton College

     1. What do you like about being a class rep?
Alejandro: I like being a class rep because it is a big responsibility and everyone respects you and looks up to you. Also, I like being a class rep because I feel like I am a “super hero” for my class.
Natalia: I like being rep because I love to have meetings with Ms Stenhouse and wearing my “Rep badge”.

2. Would you like to continue to be a class representative in the future?
Inés: Yes, I feel very special being one. I love all the opportunities I have to demonstrate how I think and I would like to contribute to make the school a better place in the future. I think we are all going to have a great term!
Nacho: I would like to continue as a class representative, because I have the opportunity to help other people and I am looking forward to improving our playground.
      3. What would you do if there is a problem in your class?
Nadia: In first place, I would look for the people that were involved and tell them to solve the problem themselves; if the problem is then not solved I would talk to them and help them. I would call the teacher if it was a big problem.

4. Why do you think your class chose you?
Álvaro: They thought that my speech was good because I promised I would do my best to represent them and make significant changes for the school’s benefit.

5. At the moment, would you change anything in class?
Maria: My proposals for this year are to make the younger kids understand the importance of recycling, to respect each other so that there is no bullying, and I am looking forward seeing lots of smiles on children’s faces!

6. How did you feel when you knew you were the new class rep?

Ismael: I felt really happy and I had a smile from ear to ear. I knew at that moment that this would be one of the best experiences this year. I hope children in Primary like the changes I would like to make as a class rep. Also, I want to represent my class so that younger children can learn from my class. I will try to do my best so this term can be unforgettable! 


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