Sofya Abramchuck, Year 13 student at Caxton College," It was fantastic to share my 3D product design idea in the last TEDxYouth conference"

TEDx Youth conference took place on the La Rambleta stage, the theme of the event was What young people can bring to the society. It was a great opportunity for young students and adults to share their ideas and thoughts about how better communities and societies can be created. I had the opportunity to speak about my thoughts of the Earths future.
TED is a nonprofit organisation that allows individuals to discuss and share their ideas usually in the form of short and powerful talks by famous and expert guests. It started with technology, entertainment and design and today it covers almost all topics in more than 100 languages.
The TEDxYouth@RioTuria special contest was created where anyone who wished could explain an idea and it could be evaluated and chosen. I decided to got in touch with the organizers about my 3D product design project and I was selected for the event. Four weeks before it, I was invited every Friday for meetings where we discussed different areas of my project and prepared my presentation.

My personal experience from being part of the TED community was amazing. I had the opportunity to share ideas and contribute to the community and society where we live. It is important people believe that changes can be done so we can speak up ideas, explore, dream and create the best societies as possible.

Tha Caxton Chronicles
Sofya Abramchuck

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