EYP Cork, Ireland

In January 2016, following their successful participation in the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Spain´s National Session the previous year, two members of our Year 13 team, Marco and Fernando travelled to Cork, Ireland for a weekend of debate, committee work and plenty of hard work!

The session started on a Friday with the usual EYP teambuilding, in which delegates get to know each other ahead of committee work on Saturday, an intense day of group discussion and debate. Both Marco and Fernando made valuable contributions to their respective committees, enabling them and fellow delegates to effectively present their proposals and deal with opposition queries.

Although tiring, both Marco and Fernando enjoyed the experience – the last stop on a successful and rewarding EYP journey that has taken them from the Regional Session in Valencia all the way to Ireland. In addition to travelling and making new friends, EYP allows participants to develop valuable skills such as teamwork, public speaking and diplomacy, attributes that will serve them well both at university and beyond.

EYP Cork

I would like to congratulate Marco and Fernando for their maturity, commitment and hard work. We wish you good luck in your future studies and in the future.

Ms. Scourti, EYP Coordinator


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